Tallawah Justice for Women is an independent non-profit organization which connects, mentors and empowers women leaders of survivor and community-based organizations.

Our Mission is to

Empower Women leaders

Advance Justice for Women

Support Social Activism

Strengthen Movement Building

Support us and empower a woman leader today

Their Priorities

Our Focus

Women leaders work hard to address a wide range of justice and economic  challenges which directly impact women. Tallawah works in close partnership with some of these members to deal with these urgent issues.

Tallawah means


We work to bring women leaders in the Global South together to leverage our individual and collective strength. We connect women leaders of community-based organizations with others in their region and with resources around the globe.


Women leaders need more than passion to run their organizations. We support, mentor and train them in leadership and managerial skills, effective governance, business strategies, as well as online marketing and fundraising.


Women leaders have much to say and they want to speak for themselves in their own voices. We help them to access platforms for lobbying and sustained advocacy to ensure that they are seen and their perspectives heard.

Women Leaders Are Rising!

Women leaders of grassroots and survivor organizations are essential first responders to many community issues including sexual and domestic violence; but they do not have the resources and support they need to lead effectively. One woman leader can only go so far alone, but if supported, she can go so much further! Tallawah works to connect, empower and mentor women leaders of survivor and community-based organizations and movements. We help women leaders to rise and stand together so that they can be more effective.

National Transitional Justice Policy

Many of the women grassroots and survivor leaders with whom Tallawah works, advocate for Uganda’s National Transitional Justice (TJ) Policy to be passed into law. The TJ Policy is an overreaching framework of the Government of Uganda, designed to address justice, accountability and reconciliation needs of post conflict Uganda. The policy provides for justice, reconciliation and reparations for all victims and specifically women and children victims of sexual and gender-based violence who suffered severely during the war. Read or Download a copy of the NTJ policy: https://tallawahjustice.org/national-policy/

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