"Haba na haba, hujaza kibaba"

 A thousand begins with one” Swahili Proverb ~

Our Vision

is of a world in which every woman and girl has an equal opportunity to build, grow and thrive without fear of violence or limitation.

Our Mission

is to inspire, empower and mentor women leaders to rise above the traditional limitations imposed on them and to assist them to lead confidently and become part of crucial decision-making processes that impact their lives.

Our Goal

is to inspire and motivate women to fully harness their capacity to lead, increase their confidence to embrace new ideas and overcome barriers to their advancement.

The Global South

In most conflict-affected regions in the Global South, many community-based organizations and movements are led by women who work to support thousands of survivors and their families.

Many women leaders are survivors of sexual and gender-based violence whose intimate knowledge of suffering and trauma allows them to understand the challenges experienced by other survivors.

These women lead authentically and passionately, working tireless and creatively to support other women and children but often lack the technical skills and key strategies for managing their organizations.

These community leaders need tangible support and tools to help them to lead effectively, and many of us have the resources and skills to assist them and promote their efforts to develop their communities.

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