Be a part of our circle

The Tallawah Women Leader’s Circle is a multi-layered network consisting of diverse women leaders of the Global South, skilled mentors and supporters from around the world. It is best illustrated by three concentric circles.

The Inner Circle is exclusively for women leaders to interact with each other in a safe, non-threatening uplifting space. Tallawah will provide administrative support and strategic guidance but the women leaders themselves are responsible for decision-making.

The second tier, the Mentors Circle consists of a pool of mentors who are industry leaders in the diverse fields: business, leadership, women’s rights, justice, and fundraising. They provide mentorship, support and guidance for the women leaders in the specific areas of their expertise.  

The third tier, the Circle of Friends is the largest and most open of the 3 circles. In this group, members of the public, donors, sponsors and others who want to sponsor or provide general support to the TALLAWAH women leaders are welcome.

Tallawah Circle of Friends members receive special passes to events organised by TALLAWAH JUSTICE and are eligible to become TALLAWAH Champions, a special category of sponsors who are acknowledged for the extra-ordinary support they provide to the organisation.

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